uCOM Carrier Board

  • Many communication interfaces, including M.2
  • Reference design for custom carrier boards
  • Included in iMX uCOM Developer's Kit
Image of uCOM Carrier Board

The uCOM Carrier board is a reference design for custom carrier boards using Embedded Artists uCOM boards.

uCOM Carrier board design
This is a new reference design specifically for our uCOM boards, with several enhancements of features and usability:

  • Support for i.MX RT1176, RT1166 and RT1064 uCOM designs
  • Support for i.MX8M Mini/Nano uCOM designs
  • Support for M.2 Key E interface (typically Wi-Fi/BT)
  • Support for M.2 Key B interface (typically Cellular)
  • MIPI-DSI to HDMI bridge adapter
  • Expansion connector for easy prototyping

Many RF solutions
The on-board connectors such as M.2 (both E-key and B-key) and uSD makes it simple to add RF solutions. Our family of Wi-Fi/BT M.2 modules (based on Murata modules) are directly supported.

Supported uCOM boards
The uCOM Carrier Board is compatible with the following uCOM boards:

Note that all interfaces/connectors are not available for all uCOM boards. It depends on what interfaces the used processor supports. Check the respective uCOM datasheet for details.

Connectors and interfaces
Hirose DF40C 100/40-pos connectors with standoffs for uCOM board
M.2 E-key connector (with SDIO, PCIe and USB interfaces connected) - for Wi-Fi/BT M.2 modules
M.2 B-key connector (with PCIe, USB and SIM card holder interfaces connected)
1000/100/10 Mbps Ethernet RJ45 connector
USB OTG interface
USB Host interface
uSD memory card connector
Dual UART-to-USB FTDI bridges for console connections
Display interface (MIPI-DSI), dual connectors
Display interface (parallel RGB) with backlight control. Note: LCD not included in all Developer's Kits.
Camera interface (MIPI-CSI)
Debug interface with 2x5 pos 50 mil pitch Cortex debug connector
Mikrobus interface connector for Click boards™
Expansion connectors for accessing uCOM board signals
12V (+-30%) supply voltage, with reverse polarity protection
External VBAT power input (for uCOM RTC)
Current measurement possibilities in supply voltages
5V/3A DC/DC supply to uCOM
3.3V/3A DC/DC supply to RF modules (M.2 interface connectors), exist on uCOM Carrier Boards, rev PB2
152 x 152 mm
Five 4.3mm holes for mounting and grounding
On/Off, Reset, ISP Enable, Wakeup and user push-buttons
Pads for mounting QSPI flash memories
Adapter for second 100/10 Mbps Ethernet PHY
Adapter for MIPI-DSI to HDMI
0 - 60° Celsius
5 - 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Product Classification
Evaluation board

* Note: the used uCOM board must support the specific interface to make use of the uCOM Carrier board interfaces/connectors.