iMX93 uCOM

Efficient machine learning (ML) acceleration for edge computing and HMI
  • 2x Cortex-A55 @ 1.7 GHz & 1x Cortex-M33 @ 250 MHz
  • Arm Ethos™-U65 microNPU
  • Display interfaces: MIPI-DSI, LVDS, parallel RGB
Image of iMX93 uCOM

This application processor module is optimized for Industrial Automation, Building Control and Energy, Smart City, Communication Gateways, and HMI.

Performance Compute Engine – NXP Technology

The i.MX 93 application processor integrates the scalable Arm Cortex-A55 core, bringing best-in-class performance and energy efficiency to Linux-based edge applications. The A55 core features the latest Armv8-A architecture extensions with dedicated instructions to accelerate machine learning (ML).
The Cortex-A55 cores are capable at running up to 1.7 GHz.

Display and Multimedia

The iMX93 uCOM Board has a 4-lane MIPI-DSI capable of supporting 1080p60 resolution, a 4-lane LVDS and 18-bit parallel display interfaces capable of 720p60 resolution.
With multiple display outputs, MIPI CSI camera inputs, flexible audio interfaces and comprehensive communication features, the iMX93 uCOM Board is ideal for HMI/GUI and multimedia applications.

Neural Processing Unit (NPU)

The i.MX 93 processors has a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU), Ethos-U65, which delivers a combination of performance and efficiency with an optimized footprint that enables developers to create high-performance, cost-effective and energy-efficient ML applications.

Built-in MCU and Heterogeneous Multicore Processing (HMP)

The 250 MHz Cortex-M33 processor can perform time-critical real-time compute and control. It can eliminate the need for an external microcontroller in the system design. The integrated Cortex-M33 core associated with the CAN FD interfaces provides a robust local control network for industrial applications.
This combination of different cores allows a feature rich OS, like Linux, to run on the Cortex-A cores while a Real-Time OS such as FreeRTOS can run on the Cortex-M33 core.
Get more  information about HMP.

Power Optimized Design

Combining the fine-grained power management of the i.MX 93 with LPDDR4X memory and NXP’s efficient PCA9451AHNY PMIC results in a very power-efficient module. Power and clock frequency of heterogenous domains such as the application domain (Cortex-A55s), real-time domain (Cortex-M33, peripherals) and flex domains (NPU, DDR, etc.) can be individually controlled to provide the maximum flexibility to achieve the lowest power consumption possible tuned to use cases.

Board Format

Ultra compact form factor, 42×45 mm, using the proven Hirose DF40C connectors.

Temperature Range

The iMX93 uCOM Board is available in extended temperature range, -25 to +85 degrees Celsius, with industrial range (-40 or -30 degrees Celsius) on request. The board is suitable for always-on applications.

CPU Details
CPU2x Cortex-A55 @ 1.7 GHz, Cortex-M33 @ 250 MHz
RAM1 GByte LPDDR4X 3700 MT/s 16-bit databus
Flash8 GByte eMMC
Graphics OutputLVDS (4-lanes 720p60), MIPI-DSI (1080p60 4-lanes 1.5Gbps/lane), Parallel RGB (18-bits)
Hardware 2D/3D GraphicPixel Processing Pipeline
Hardware VideoSW only
Graphics inputMIPI-CSI (1080p60 2-lane 1.5Gbps/lane), Parallel YUV/RGB (8-bit)
Audio7x I2S TDM (32-bit @ 768KHz), 8x PDM, MQS, SPDIF
EthernetDual 10/100/1000 Mbps with one on-board Eth-PHY
USB2x USB 2.0 Type C
Wi-FiNo on-board but on carrier board
FlexIO2x 32-pin FlexIO
Serial2x CAN FD, 2x I3C, 8x I2C, 8x SPI, 8x UART/USART/Profibus
ADC / PWM4 ch (12-bit) / 6x PWM (TPM)
Serial ATANo
Temperature-25 to 85°C (-30 or -40 on request)
Size42 x 45 mm
Connector2x DF40C-100, 2x DF40C-40
Product Classification and Status
Integration board; Sampling