New Computer-on-Module with NXP’s i.MX RT1166 MCU and Murata’s 1XK Wi-Fi


Malmö, Sweden, 17 December 2021 – Embedded Artists extends its range of computer-on-modules with the iMX RT1166 uCOM board, based on the i.MX RT1166 Crossover MCU from NXP® Semiconductors. The iMX RT1166 uCOM board is also equipped with Murata’s 1XK Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, supporting Wi-Fi 4.

Highlighted features – iMX RT1177 uCOM

  • Small form factor: 42 x 45 mm
  • RAM: 1 Mbyte on-chip SRAM, 32 Mbyte SDRAM
  • Flash: 16 Mbyte QSPI
  • Wireless: Murata 1XK (IW416 chipset), Wi-Fi 4
  • Display output: Parallel RGB and MIPI-DSI
  • Temperature: Commercial or Industrial grade
  • High density Hirose DF40C expansion connectors
  • Compatible with NXP’s MCUXpresso suite of software and tools

iMX RT1166 Developer’s Kit

The iMX RT1166 Developer’s Kit is designed to simplify proof-of-concept work. Users are up-and-running immediately with evaluating the capabilities of the iMX RT1166 uCOM board.

Evaluation of both display outputs are supported. For parallel RGB, the kit comes with a 4.3-inch 480x272px LCD with capacitive touch panel, and for MIPI-DSI there is a MIPI-to-HDMI bridge adapter. Software ports for several graphical frameworks exist. Users can get started with User Interface (UI) development immediately.

Embedded Artists provides extensive documentation in the form of getting-started guides as well as software drivers. This makes it easy for a developer to evaluate and integrate the iMX RT1166 uCOM board.

uCOM Family

Embedded Artists’ uCOM family of pin compatible modules is unique in that it supports both microcontrollers, by the i.MX RT Crossover MCU family from NXP, and application processors, by the i.MX8M family from NXP. Customers can have a common base design that supports differentiated end products, by either mounting an MCU or application processor powered uCOM.


The iMX RT1166 Developer’s Kit will be available beginning of January 2022 at a price of 249 EUR.

The standard iMX RT1166 uCOM board starts at 40 EUR (1K pcs price, commercial temperature range) and there are multiple mounting options. There are also customization options to further optimize the board both in features and in price.


iMX RT1166 uCOM
iMX RT1166 Developer’s Kit

Press Release in pdf format

About Embedded Artists

Embedded Artists develops and manufactures a wide range of Computer-on-Modules and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules that can be easily integrated into end-products. This simplifies the task for companies to use more advanced processors, microcontrollers, and wireless solutions in their applications. Embedded Artists is an NXP Gold member of the NXP Partner Program and close partner to Murata.