iMX RT1052 OEM

Combining the best of microcontrollers and application processors
  • High-performing Cortex-M7 @ 600 MHz
  • Fast real-time response with ultra-low latency
  • Multimedia and advanced connectivity
Image of iMX RT1052 OEM

This is a crossover option for applications where you want to combine the usability and real-time processing of a microcontroller with the high performance and multimedia functionality of an application processor.

Real time processing and high-speed performance

The i.MX RT1052 is the highest performing Cortex-M7 solution delivering 3036 CoreMarks, which is 13 times better than the LPC1788 microcontroller. In addition to the high-speed performance it provides fast real-time responsiveness.-

This is a great option when microcontrollers no longer offers sufficient performance and there are reasons to not fully transfer into the Linux universe with an application processor.

Multimedia functionalities

The i.MX RT1052 has the most comprehensive multimedia functionality among our microcontroller modules including great audio, 2D video accelerator, pixel processing and camera sensor.

Wide range of connectivity options

The module also offer low power consumption and a wide range of advanced connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Temperature Range

The iMX RT1052 OEM board is available in industrial and commercial temperature range, -40 to +85 / 0 to 70 degrees Celsius respecively. The industrial (temperature range) version is suitable for always-on applications.