iMX RT1052 Developer’s Kit

  • Evaluate the iMX RT1052 OEM board
  • All relevant interfaces are available
  • 4.3 inch LCD included
Image of iMX RT1052 Developer’s Kit

This Kit has been Discontinued

The iMX RT1052 Developer’s Kit has been replaced by the iMX RT1062 Developer’s Kit.

The main difference between the iMX RT1052 and the iMX RT1062 is that the iMX RT1062 has 1 MB of SRAM while the iMX RT1052 has 0.5 MB SRAM.

All development and prototyping can be done on the iMX RT1062 Developer’s Kit even if you plan on using the iMX RT1052 in your final product.

Connectors and interfaces
SODIMM200, 200-pos connector, 1.8V keying
10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45 connector
USB OTG interface with ESD protection
USB Host interface with ESD protection
SD memory card connector
CAN transceiver with ESD protection and termination
UART-to-USB FTDI bridge for UART interface with ESD protection
Debug interface with 2x5 pos 50 mil pitch Cortex debug connector and 2x10 pos 100 mil pitch ARM debug connector, with ESD protection
Parallel 16-bit RGB display interface and touch panel interface for 4.3 inch 480x272px LCD
Expansion connectors for accessing OEM board signals
Audio codec with 3.5mm audio jack connector (for microphone input and headphone output) and option for external speakers
5V DC supply voltage, either via micro-AB USB connector or 2.1mm power jack connector
External VBAT powering possible
Reverse polarity protection
Internal 3.3V/2A DC/DC buck converter
165 x 104 mm
Four 4.3mm holes for mounting and grounding
On/Off, Reset, ISP Enable and Wakup pushbuttons
Input current measurement
Product Classification
Evaluation board

Note: Specifications for the OEM board is available on the iMX RT1052 OEM board page.

Flyers and specifications
iMX OEM Carrier board schematics revA
Software resources
Patched SDK (