New Computer-on-Module Leveraging NXP Semiconductors’ Latest i.MX RT1170 Crossover MCU Family


Malmö, Sweden, 26 February 2021 – Embedded Artists extends its range of computer-on-modules with the i.MX RT1176 uCOM board, based on the i.MX RT1170 Crossover MCU family from NXP® Semiconductors. In addition to its high-speed performance – being the first 1 GHz MCU with Arm® Cortex®-M7 core and a 400 MHz Cortex-M4 core – it also provides fast real-time responsiveness and offers several low power modes.

Highlighted features – i.MX RT1176 uCOM

  • Small form factor: 42 x 45 mm
  • RAM: 2 Mbyte SRAM, 32 Mbyte SDRAM
  • Flash: 16 Mbyte QSPI
  • Ethernet: On-board Gigabit PHY
  • Temperature: Commercial and Industrial grade
  • Onboard Wi-Fi: Yes (optional)
  • High density Hirose DF40C expansion connectors
  • Compatible with NXP’s MCUXpresso suite of software and tools

The dual-core, crossover i.MX RT1170 MCU family breaks the GHz barrier and accelerates advanced applications at the edge. The on-board Gigabit Ethernet interface enables high-performance gateway applications and the onboard 2D vector graphics core that supports OpenVG 1.1 enables responsive graphical user interfaces.

“The i.MX RT1176 uCOM board enables our customers to move up to application-level performance without having to move to the Linux world. The i.MX RT series is truly a unique portfolio that allows our customers to create differentiating products in record short development cycles” said Anders Rosvall, CTO, at Embedded Artists AB.

“We are excited to expand the i.MX RT series with our dual-core i.MX RT1170 MCU family. This new family doubles the internal SRAM to 2 MB over its predecessors, enriches the multimedia capabilities with MIPI-DSI and 2D graphics engine and boosts performance to 1GHz. It’s great to see our eco system partner, Embedded Artists, providing value-added features and a platform that enable our end customers to quickly prototype and develop exciting new products” said Mario Centeno, Global IoT Marketing Director, at NXP.

Customers can get started quickly with evaluating the i.MX RT1176 uCOM board with the i.MX RT1176 Developer’s Kit.


The i.MX RT1176 Developer’s Kit is available today, February 26th, for purchase at a price of 199 EUR.

The i.MX RT1176 uCOM board starts at 35 EUR and there are multiple mounting options. There are also customization options to further optimize the board both in features and in price.


i.MX RT1176 uCOM:
i.MX RT1176 Developer’s Kit:

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About Embedded Artists

Embedded Artists develops and manufactures a wide range of Computer-on-Modules and Wi-Fi/BT modules that can be easily integrated into end-products. This simplifies the task for companies to use more advanced processors, microcontrollers and wireless solutions in their applications. Embedded Artists is an NXP Gold member of the NXP Partner Program and close partner to Murata.