Boot2Qt for iMX Developer’s Kits

What is it?

Boot2Qt E-bike DemoBoot2Qt is part of Qt for Device Creation and is described as a light-weight, Qt-optimized, full software stack for embedded Linux systems.

  • By default the Demo launcher is started for easy evaluation
  • Easy to build images using Poky / Yocto
  • Complete toolchain available for faster software development
  • Debug your application with Remote debugging

Which COM boards is it available for?

Configuration files and pre-built images are available for:

Getting started

Pre-built images are available at Run the uuu tool as shown below to program your Developer’s Kit with the boot2qt image.

> uuu boot2qt.uuu

If you need more details please read the Getting started guide.

Get started with Boot2Qt

The video gives a quick introduction of how to get started with Boot2Qt. Use it as a compliment to the Getting started guide