Display Modules

Designing an Intelligent Display Module from ground up is a big challenge and risk
- do you have time for that?

Our Display Modules are an attractive alternative and gives you many benefits:

  • Save months on your development time
    • Get up-and-running immediately with your user interface and control application
    • Extensive getting started material - HW & SW manuals, tutorials, videos, etc.
    • A comprehensive software platform
    • Capable HW
  • Designed for integration
    • Proven professional design - ready for integration!
    • Simple expansion for customer specific I/O and power requirements
    • CE certified
    • Proper ESD protection
  • Long-term availability
    • Our unique future-proof design allows you to sleep well at nights
    • Lifecycle managmement handled by us, for example when components become obsolete
  • Best price/performance ratio on the market!
    • Packed with features
    • Starting from 99 EUR / 115 USD in volume (1K)
      (4.3" resistive TP)

Take advantage of Embedded Artists' competence to minimize your work and risk!


Multiple Display Options

There are several display options, see list below.
More is coming (contact us for requests)


Display Module