LPC4088 Display Module – 4.3 inch Capacitive TP

  • Intelligent display module
  • Resolution: 480x272 pixels
  • Capacitive touch panel
Image of LPC4088 Display Module – 4.3 inch Capacitive TP

Embedded Artists' LPC4088 Display Module lets you get up-and-running quickly with graphical applications, the mbed-platform and Cortex-M4F programming in general

Designing an Intelligent Display Module from ground up is a big challenge and risk – do you have time for that?

Our LPC4088 Display Module is an attractive alternative and gives you many benefits:

  • Save months on your development time
    • Extensive getting started material
    • Comprehensive software platform
  • Designed for integration
    • Proven professional design
    • Simple expansion for customer specific I/O
    • CE certified
  • Long-term availability
    • Future-proof design
    • Lifecycle management handled by us
  • Best price/performance ratio on the market!
    • Packed with features

Software platform and Development tools

The onboard debug interface allows you to get started immediately with program development.

Free online mbed-compiler, free MCUXpresso IDE or Keil/ARM uVision IDE can be used for program development.

Three different graphical packages can be used:

  • SWIM – a free and simple framework from NXP
  • TouchGFX – enabled modern, Smartphone look-and-feel user interfaces on resource-limited embedded systems
  • emWin – a high-performance library with a free version for NXP microcontrollers.