QuickStart Prototype

  • Large prototype area
  • MMC/SD connector
  • 7-segment display
Image of QuickStart Prototype

Prototype board for LPC2106 RS232, LPC2129 CAN, and LPC2148 USB QuickStart Boards (headers for each different board type).

QuickStart Prototype Board
Large prototype area (100 mil hole spacing)
Smaller prototype area with 50 mil hole spacing
SMD area for 50 mil SO circuits
SMD area for 0.65 mm SSOP circuis
MMC/SD connector, connected to SPI bus
7-segment display connected to SPI bus
16 LEDs
4 switches
Reset button
JTAG connector
9-pol DSUB connector for UART #1
Power supply 5VDC (center pin negative) or 9VDC (any polarity) or 6VAC
Two 9-pol DSUB connectors for CAN board (not mounted)
RS232 circuit for LPC2106 board (not mounted)
196 x 125 mm in size