LPC54018 IoT

Wi-Fi and software to access Amazon Web Services
  • Connectivity through on-board Wi-Fi
  • Software to access Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cortex-M4 @ 180 MHz
Image of LPC54018 IoT

This microcontroller module is designed for applications that require online and cloud access. It also includes software that enables your application to communicate with AWS IoT Services.

Connectivity and Amazon

The Wi-Fi hardware in this module allows your application to go online.

Included with this module is optional software to access the wide range of functionalities in Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s ideal and easily integrated if your backend system is based on AWS.

Get started with the LPC54018 and Amazon FreeRTOS

Start prototyping

Use either the IoT Module Baseboard or the IoT Mini Prototype Board when prototyping with LPC54018 IoT Module.

IoT Mini Prototype

NXP Technology

The module is based on NXP’s LPC54018 microcontroller which has a Cortex-M4 core capable at running up to 180 MHz.

NXP’s product page for the LPC54018 IoT Module.

Temperature Range

The LPC54018 IoT module is available in commercial temperature range, 0 to +70 Celsius.

CPU Details
CPUCortex-M4 @ 180 MHz
RAM360 KByte interna SRAM
Flash16 MByte external QSPI
Graphics OutputParallel RGB
Hardware 2D/3D GraphicNo
Hardware VideoSW only
Graphics inputNo
Audio2x DMIC, 2x Flexcomm-I2S
Ethernet10/100 Mbps
USB1x FS USB 2.0 Host/Device, 1x HS USB 2.0 Host/Device
Wi-FiLongsys GT1216
Serial11x Flexcomm, 2x CAN
ADC / PWM12 ch (12-bit) / 5 ch
Serial ATA-
Temperature0 to 70°C
Size57 x 31 mm
ConnectorDual DF40C-100
Product Classification and Status
Evaluation board; (this is an NXP product: OM40007)
Software resources
LPC54018 IoT Module design file Cadance/Altium