LPC2106 RS232 QuickStart

  • ARM7TDMI LPC2106
  • All I/O available on connectors
  • DIL40 form factor
Image of LPC2106 RS232 QuickStart

The LPC2106 RS232 QuickStart Board lets you get up-and-running quickly with NXP's ARM7TDMI LPC2106 microcontroller. The small form factor board offers many unique features that ease your development.

NXP's ARM7TDMI LPC2106 microcontroller
128 KByte flash.
64 KByte RAM
On-board low-dropout voltage and reset generation
Generates +3.3V and +1.8V from a +5V supply
+3.3V available for external circuits, up to 300 mA
Power supply: 4-6 VDC
All LPC2106 I/O pins are available on connectors
RS232, DSUB-9 (ESD/EMI protected)
256 Kbit I2C E2PROM
Simple and automatic program download (ISP) via serial channel. Circuit that automatically controls the bootloader from RS232 channel
DIL40 form factor with 2x20 pins (21.6 mm, 0.85" between pin rows)
Four layer PCB (FR-4 material) for best noise immunity
Easy to connect to JTAG signals
Dimensions: 65 x 28 mm
Flyers and specifications
LPC2106 QSB Schematic
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