Versatile and powerful addition to your lab bench!
  • 11 channel Logic Analyzer
  • 2 channel Oscilloscope
  • Digital and analog signal generartor
Image of LabTool

LabTool is an add-on board to LPC-Link 2 creating a Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope

What is included?

Highlighted features

  • 11 channel logic analyzer (up to 100Msamples per second)
  • 2 channel oscilloscope (up to 60 Msamples per second, 6MHz BW)
  • 11 channel digital signal generator (up to 80 Msamples per second)
  • 2 channel analog signal generator (40kHz BW)

Software features

  • One shot and continuous sampling
  • Sorting and moving of signals
  • SPI, I2C, UART signal interpreters
  • Project settings can be saved and restored
  • Collected data can be exported
  • Four cursors available to help interpret captured data
  • Open source software
  • Prepared for running under Linux and MAC
Digital inputs
11 channel logic analyzer
without trigger: 100 Msps (1-4 ch), 50 Msps (5-8 ch), 20 Msps (9-11 ch).
with trigger: 100 Msps (1-2 ch), 80 Msps (3-4 ch), 40 Msps (5-8 ch), 20 Msps (9-11 ch).
Falling/rising edge triggers with logical OR between channels.
3.3V logic level as default but 2.4-5.5V supported via DIO_VCC.
Analog inputs
2 channel oscilloscope
60 Msps (1 ch) and 30 Msps (2 ch) sampling.
+-25V input range, 1 Mohm input impedance.
AC/DC control.
BNC connector and flexible cables via 26-pos IDC connector.
6 MHz BW (3 MHz for 20mV/div range and up to 12 MHz on 0.2V/div and 5V/div range).
Digital outputs
11 channel digital signal generator
80 Msp
3.3V logic level
Analog outputs
2 channel analog signal generator
+-5V, 40 kHz BW
Sine, square and triangle waveforms
83 x 90 mm
5.0V via mini-B USB connector
26-pos IDC connector for digial and analog I/O
Two BNC connectors
Calibration signals, 1.25V/78mV
Demo signals
Cortex debug connector to on-board LPC812 (2x5 pos)
Cortex debug connector from LPC-Link 2 connectors (2x5 pos)
12 channel demo signal generator (UART, I2C, SPI, counter, PWM) from on-board LPC812.
HW provision for I2C logging (sw not implemented)
Analog calibration, can be done by user
Open source software
Flyers and specifications
LabTool Schematics
Documentation and guides
LabTool User's Guide
Software resources
Install LabTool
Software on github