Display Expansion Kit 5 inch

  • 800x480 pixels
  • Use with LPC4088 Experiment Baseboard
  • Resistive touch screen
Image of Display Expansion Kit 5 inch

Embedded Artists' Display expansion kit, 5 inch (800x480 pixel) TFT LCD adds graphics capabilities to your LPC4088 Experiment Base Board.

What is included?

  • 5 inch LCD mounted on pcb
  • Mounting kit (4x screws, 4x spacers, 4x nuts)
5 inch TFT LCD
RGB interface (30 MHz pixel clock supported by LPC4088 Experiment base board)
Diagonal size: 5.0 inch
Display technology: TFT
Display mode: Transmissive
No of pixels: 800xRGBx480
Supply voltage: 3.3V and backlight voltage
White LED backlight, 20V up to 40 mA
View area: 108 x 64.8 mm
Dot size: 0.135 x 0.135 mm
Operating temperature: -20 to + 70 degrees Celsius
No of colors: 65K (displat supports more, but LPC4088 Experiment base board supports 16-bit color depth)
Resistive touch screen
Flyers and specifications
RX050A-05 datasheet