Display Expansion Kit 4.3 inch

  • 480x272 pixels
  • Use with LPC4088 Experiment Baseboard
  • Resistive touch screen
Image of Display Expansion Kit 4.3 inch

Embedded Artists' Display expansion kit, 4.3 inch (480x272 pixel) TFT LCD adds graphics capabilities to your LPC4088 Experiment Base Board.

What is included?

  • 4.3 inch LCD mounted on pcb
  • Mounting kit (4x screws, 4x spacers, 4x nuts)
4.3 inch TFT LCD
RGB interface with 9MHz pixel clock.
Diagonal size: 4.3 inch
Display technology: TFT
Display mode: Transmissive
No of pixels: 480xRGBx272
Supply voltage: 3.3V and backlight voltage
White LED backlight
View area: 95.04 x 58.56 mm
Dot size: 0.198 x 0.198 mm
Operating temperature: -20 to + 70 degrees Celsius
No of colors: 65K (displat supports more, but LPC4088 Experiment base board supports 16-bit color depth)
Resistive touch screen
Flyers and specifications
RX043A-0204 datasheet