Cellular Shield 2.5G/GSM

  • u-blox SARA-G350-0XS GSM/GPRS
  • mbed based software
Image of Cellular Shield 2.5G/GSM

The Cellular Shield lets you get up-and-running quickly with IoT applications and general M2M applications. The shield is built around u-blox excellent, high-quality modules.

What is included?

  • Cellular and Positioning Shield -2.5G
  • GSM/GPRS/UMTS antenna (only for EAA00247)


  • SARA-G350-0xS GSM/GPRS (2.5G) module
    • Quad-band version for global connectivity
    • UART and POWER_ON GPIO interface
  • SMA connectors for both modules (R/A female)
  • SIM connector
  • Arduino shield pinning
  • Raspberry Pi (RPi) 26-pos expansion connector compatible pads (note: pin header/connector not soldered)
  • The on-board power supply needs external powering (5-12V DC / 1 Amp). Can be supplied via micro-B USB connector, Arduino connectors or RPi connector.

The on-board connectors (Arduino shield pinning and Raspberry Pi expansion connector) are very easy to use also for custom boards.

The shield can easily connect to LPCXpresso V2 boards – check example code availability before selecting LPCXpresso board to work with