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LabTool is a versatile and powerful addition to your lab bench!
It is an add-on board to LPC-Link 2 (which is based on the LPC4370 - a 204 MHz Cortex-M4 with an 80 MHz ADC and two extra Cortex-M0 cores). LabTool make use of all features on the LPC4370, creating a powerful development tool.

  • 11 channel logic analyzer (up to 100Msamples per second)
  • 2 channel oscilloscope (up to 60 Msamples per second, 6MHz BW)
  • 11 channel digital signal generator (up to 80 Msamples per second)
  • 2 channel analog signal generator (40kHz BW)

The feature rich Windows software interface supports:

  • One shot and continuous sampling
  • Sorting and moving of signals
  • SPI, I2C, UART signal interpreters
  • Project settings can be saved and restored
  • Collected data can be exported
  • Four cursors available to help interpret captured data
  • Open source software
  • Prepared for running under Linux and MAC

LabTool Case

One of our customers, Christoph Klein, has contributed with a case for LabTool. You can find more information and files on Thingiverse.


Introduction Video

NXP Presentation Video




Digital inputs 11 channel logic analyzer
• without trigger: 100 Msps (1-4 ch), 50 Msps (5-8 ch), 20 Msps (9-11 ch)
• with trigger: 100 Msps (1-2 ch), 80 Msps (3-4 ch), 40 Msps (5-8 ch), 20 Msps (9-11 ch)
• Falling/rising edge triggers with logical OR between channels
• 3.3V logic level as default but 2.4-5.5V supported via DIO_VCC
Analog inputs 2 channel oscilloscope
• 60 Msps (1 ch) and 30 Msps (2 ch) sampling 
• +-25V input range, 1 Mohm input impedance, TBD pF input capacitance
• AC/DC control
• BNC connector and flexible cables via 26-pos IDC connector
• 6 MHz BW (3 MHz for 20mV/div range and up to 12 MHz on 0.2V/div and 5V/div range)
Digital outputs 11 channel digital signal generator
• 80 Msps
• 3.3V logic level
Analog outputs 2 channel analog signal generator
• +-5V, 40 kHz BW
• Sine, square and triangle waveforms
Dimensions 83 x 90 mm
Power 5.0V via mini-B USB connector

• 26-pos IDC connector for digial and analog I/O
• Two BNC connectors
• Calibration signals, 1.25V/78mV
• Demo signals
• Cortex debug connector to on-board LPC812 (2x5 pos)
• Cortex debug connector from LPC-Link 2 connectors (2x5 pos)

Other 12 channel demo signal generator (UART, I2C, SPI, counter, PWM) from on-board LPC812.
• HW provision for I2C logging (sw not implemented)
• Analog calibration, can be done by user
Open source software


Documentation and Resources




The software is open source and is available on github


There is a mailing list available for discussions about problems or improvements.

Included in kit

  • LabTool board
  • Mounting material kit
  • 26 pos cable (EA-ACC-027)
  • LPC-Link 2 (if EA-XPR-202), else this board has to be purchased separately

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