RF Adapter board

  • XBee modules
  • Redpine Signals WiFi modules
  • TI's RF-module
Image of RF Adapter board

The RF Adapter board adds wireless communication (ISM, ZigBee, WiFi) capabilities to your project.

  • Socket for Digi’s XBee® modules and compatible modules:
  • Socket for Redpine Signals WiFi modules:
    • RS-XMEGA-220X module (based on RS9110-N-11-22) with UART interface
    • RS-SAM3S-220x module (based on RS9110-N-11-22) with SPI interface
  • Socket for TI’s RF-module pinning (dual 20 pos 50 mil pitch connectors)
    • Multiple modules from TI’s product line
    • TIWI-SL EM board from LS Research
    • Multiple evaluation module boards from Anaren
  • Module supply voltage: 3.3V
  • Two standard 14 pos serial expansion connector interfaces (2×7 shrouded pin header, 50/100 mil spacing)
  • Compact 43 x 56 mm module size
  • 3.2 mm mounting holes in 34 x 48 mm pattern
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RF Adapter schematics
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