LPCXpresso Experiment Kit

  • Learn embedded programming
  • Many experiments
  • Extensive documentation
Image of LPCXpresso Experiment Kit

The LPCXpresso Experiment Kit has been created as a guided tour to learn embedded programming

What is included?

  • One component kit (100+ components)
  • Breadboard
  • Prototype cables (male-to-male)
  • One naked PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • One USB cable, type A to mini-B

LPCXpresso board

The kit requires an LPCXpresso LPC1000 board. This must be bought separately.

Learn Embedded Programming

The LPCXpresso Experiment Kit has been created as a guided tour to learn embedded programming with NXP’s LPC1000 microcontroller family with Cortex-M0/M3 cores from ARM. The experiments can be performed on a breadboard for maximum flexibility and ease of use. It is also possible to solder the components to a printed circuit board (pcb) and learn soldering at the same time.

Components included in the kit
8x red LEDs
2x Trimming potentiometers
7x push-buttons
Light sensor (analog)
Temperature sensor (analog)
7-segment LED, dual digit
E2PROM with SPI interface
Temperature sensor with I2C interface (only for pcb mounting)
Piezo buzzer
Rotary quadrature encoder (only for pcb mounting)
Shift register
I2C ports expander (PCA9532, only for pcb mounting)
USB Host connector (only for pcb mounting)
USB Device connector (only for pcb mounting)
RJ45 connector for Ethernet (only for pcb mounting)
14-pos serial expansion connector, for interface to for example graphical displays
3x servo connectors. Note that servos are not included.
XBee™ compatible socket (for ZigBee and WiFi modules). Note that RF module is not included.
LPC1114 in DIL28 package, with 12MHz crystal and SWD connector (only for pcb mounting)
Local +3.3V voltage regulator
Miscellaneous resistors, capacitors, transistors and connectors
Breadboard with cables
Naked PCB
Documentation and guides
LPCXpresso Experiment Kit User's Guide
Software resources