Low-Power Application Kit (Oryx)

  • Get started with Low-power designs
  • On-board debug interface
  • Many sample applications
Image of Low-Power Application Kit (Oryx)

The Low-power Application Kit (Oryx) with NXP's LPC11U37 ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller has been designed to make it as easy as possible to get started with Cortex-M0 and low-power designs.

What is included?

  • One Low-power Application Board (Oryx) with LPC11U37
  • One 10 pos 50 mil pitch SWD/JTAG cable
  • One USB cable, type A to mini-B

The board demonstrates low-power design techniques both in hardware and software. Includes an extensive user’s manual and many sample applications.


The Oryx is one of four large antelope species. It prefer near-desert conditions and can survive without water for long periods – very low-power operation… just like this kit!

Even in full operating mode, the Low-power Application Kit (Oryx) consumes only 42mW (3.0V, 14mA) and as low as 20uW (3.0V, 6.6uA) in power-down mode.

There are multiple possibilities to control the power consumption of the board.

NXP's Cortex-M0 LPC11U37 microcontroller in LQFP48 package.
128 KByte Flash.
10 KByte SRAM.
512 KByte (4 Mbit) SPI FLASH for storing non-volatile parameters or other data (pictures).
Interfaces / Connectors
All LPC11U37 I/O pins are available on edge expansion connectors (2x27 pin rows, 100 mil pitch, 900 mil between rows) - LPCXpresso footprint.
On-board USB Device interface, with mini-B USB connector and proper ESD protection.
SWD/JTAG connector (50 mil/1.27 mm pitch, standard SWD/JTAG connector).
3.0V on-board voltage regulator
Rechargeable Lithium coin battery (LIR2032). Shunt Charger LTC4071 from Linear Technologies
Flexible charging options, via USB interfaces and external source, like solar panel (not included)
Other energy storage also supported (besides coin cell)
1.35 inch, 96x96 pixel Memory LCD from Sharp
Model LS013B4DN04 with SPI interface
Power consumption: 4µA with up-date rate of 1Hz, 2µA for static image.
PCF8885 8-channel capacitive touch sensor with I2C interface, from NXP
LM75B temperature sensor with I2C interface, from NXP
ADXL345 3-axis accelerometer with I2C interface, from Analog Devices
PCF8523 low-power real time clock with I2C interface, from NXP.
Embedded JTAG (LPC-LINK) functionality via LPCXpresso toolchain.
Onboard reset generation and reset push-button.
Push-button for enabling Bootloader mode of the LPC11U37.
LED on pin PIO0_7.
140 x 85 mm.
Documentation and guides
Low-power Application Kit User's Guide
Software resources
Low-power Application Kit Software
Low-power app kit Demo Application
DataLogger application from NXP