GPS Receiver board

  • XBee form factor
  • Built in antenna
  • PA6H module, MTK3339 chipset
Image of GPS Receiver board

The GPS Receiver Board is a high-quality GPS module with a built in antenna. It can track up to 22 satellites on 66 channels.

What is included?

  • GPS Receiver Board (based on PA6H GPS module) in XBeeTM compatible form factor
  • Two 1×10 pin headers that can be soldered to plug the board in an XBee socket

The board has Embedded Artists’ standard 14-pos expansion connector, and communicates with the GPS-module via the UART interface. Several of our boards have the serial expansion connector on-board. More modules are found [here].

GPS Receiver board
Based on PA6H module that includes the MTK3339 chipset
Built-in ceramic patch antenna (15 x 15 x 4 mm)
-165 dBm sensitivity, up to 10 Hz update rate
Track up to 22 satellites on 66 channels
Only 20mA current draw during navigation
RTC battery-compatible (CR1220 battery connector, note: battery not included)
PPS output on fix
Fix status LED (0.5Hz blink=no fix, 2Hz blink=fixed position)
3.3V interface via 14-pos (50 mil pitch) 14-pos expansion connector (note: 50-mil pitch cable not included) or
interface module via XBee compatible edge pin lists (note: pin lists included but requires soldering)
Auto switchover to external antenna (note that UF.L. antenna connector not included)
PA6H module
Satellites: 22 tracking, 66 searching
Update rate: 1 to 10 Hz, 1 Hz default
Position Accuracy: 1.8 meters
Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 meters/s
Warm/cold start: 34 seconds
Acquisition sensitivity: -145 dBm
Tracking sensitivity: -165 dBm
MTK3339 Operating current: 25mA tracking, 20 mA current draw during navigation
Output: NMEA 0183, 9600 baud (8N1) default
Jammer detection and reduction
Multi-path detection and compensation
Software resources
Adafruit GPS library
mbed library