Code Red’s Red Probe

  • High-speed USB debug probe
  • Up to 5M bytes/s download to RAM
  • Self-powered from USB host
Image of Code Red’s Red Probe

Red Probe+ is the new, improved and faster direct replacement for Red Probe It is a high speed USB debug probe specially designed for use with ARM-based Microcontrollers.


  • USB 2.0 High Speed – up to 480Mbps
  • Fast all round debug including stepping
  • JTAG/SWD clock up to 30MHz!
  • Self powered from USB host
  • Wide target voltage range: 1.5V – 3.5V
  • Switchable protocol support: ARM JTAG SWD, and SWV
  • Multiple standard JTAG connectors: 20-pin 0.1″ pitch, 10-pin 1.27mm (0.05″) pitch, other adaptors available
  • Programmable SWV runtime trace capture
  • Support for Hardware and Software Breakpoints
  • Integrated high-speed FLASH programming with Red Suite
  • One of the fastest download and FLASH programming algorithms in the industry
  • Up to 5M bytes/s download to RAM
  • Up to 40k bytes/s flash programming
  • Fully integrated with Red Suite

When used with Cortex-M3 targets, built-in support for SWV allows full support for data trace, instruction and exception profiling and application sourced diagnostics.