New products: Intelligent Display Modules


Embedded Artists is releasing a number of Intelligent Display Modules

Designing an Intelligent Display Module from ground up is a big challenge and risk
– do you have time for that?

Our Display Modules are an attractive alternative and gives you many benefits:

  • Save months on your development time
    • Get up-and-running immediately with your user interface and control application
    • Extensive getting started material – HW & SW manuals, tutorials, videos, etc.
    • A comprehensive software platform
    • Capable HW
  • Designed for integration
    • Proven professional design – ready for integration!
    • Simple expansion for customer specific I/O and power requirements
    • CE certified
    • Proper ESD protection
  • Long-term availability
    • Our unique future-proof design allows you to sleep well at nights
    • Lifecycle managmement handled by us, for example when components become obsolete
  • Best price/performance ratio on the market!
    • Packed with features
    • Starting from 99 EUR / 115 USD in volume (1K) (4.3″ resistive TP)

Take advantage of Embedded Artists’ competence to minimize your work and risk!