LPC2148 USB QuickStart Board
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LPC2148 USB QuickStart Board

Embedded Artists' LPC2148 USB QuickStart Board lets you get up-and-running quickly with NXP's ARM7TDMI LPC2148 microcontroller. The small form factor board offers many unique features that ease your development.


LPC2148 USB QuickStart Board

Processor NXP's ARM7TDMI LPC2148 with integrated USB 2.0 device.
Program Flash 512 KB
Data Memory 32+8 KB
Clock Crystals • 12.0000 MHz crystal for maximum execution speed (5x PLL = 60 Mhz CPU clock)
• 32.768kHz RTC crystal
Dimensions 59 x 39.5 mm
Power On-board low-dropout voltage and reset generation
• Generates +3.3V from a +5V supply
• +3.3V available for external circuits, up to 300 mA
• Power supply: 5 VDC
• or via USB connector (very practical since no external power supply is needed)
Connectors • Dual 2x16 pins I/O connectors
• Signals available on expansion connector
• RS232, DSUB-9 (ESD/EMI protected)
• USB connector (USB 2.0 Device)
Other • 2 Kbit I2C E2PROM for storing non-volatile parameters
• Simple and automatic program download (ISP) via serial channel. Circuit that automatically controls the bootloader from RS232 channel
• Four layer PCB (FR-4 material) for best noise immunity
• Both UART #0 and #1 connected


Documentation and Resources

The following resources are available for download from our support site after registration of the LPC2148 USB QuickStart Board.



Sample Software Disclaimer

  • Several sample applications
  • Pre-emptive Real-time Operating System (RTOS) - delivered as binary package
  • QuickStart Build Environment based on GCC

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