iMX7 Dual COM Board
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iMX7 Dual COM Board

Embedded Artists' iMX7 Dual COM Board is equipped with NXP's dual-core Cortex-A7/Cortex-M4 based i.MX 7Dual processor, lots of on-board memory and an efficient Power Management IC.

The board is suitable for a wide range of applications that requires advanced communication, real-time control and graphic displays.

The board has low-power focus:

  • the iMX7 is very power efficient to begin with,
  • has on-board DDR3L memory, and
  • PMIC has high conversion efficiency over a wide range of loads.

The heterogeneous system architecture enables the system to run an OS like Linux on the dual-core Cortex-A7 and a Real-Time OS (RTOS) on the Cortex-M4:

  • clear separation of real-time tasks from general server and graphical releated processing
  • can save power if the Cortex-M4 core performs preprocessing before the more power hungry Cortex-A7 cores are activated

Use the iMX7 Dual COM Developer's Kit to get up-and-running quickly with the board.


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TouchGFX Graphical Demo on iMX6UL / iMX7D

Benefits of having a heterogeneous Cortex-M4 core
(video presents the benefits on the i.MX 6SoloX and the benefits are exactly the same on the i.MX 7Dual)



Processor NXP ARM Cortex-A7/Cortex-M4 i.MX 7Dual 1 GHz / 200 MHz for Cortex-M4 core
Memory 1 GByte DDR3L 1066 MT/s, 32-bit databus
4 GByte eMMC NAND Flash for OS and bootloader
32 MByte QSPI NOR Flash for Cortex-M4 code
Graphics output Parallel RGB: 24-bit up to 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60 Hz
MIPI-DSI: 2 lanes
Optional LVDS interface, MIPI-DSI to LVDS bridge connected to MIPI-DSI interface
Graphics input CMOS sensor interface (camera), MIPI-CSI 2 lanes
Ethernet One 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on processor.
Second Gigabit Ethernet interface is possible but requires an off-board Ethernet PHY
I/O i.MX 7Dual peripherals (see i.MX 7Dual datasheet for details about peripherals):
• PCIe; 1x lane, v2.1
• USB; 2x USB 2.0 OTG
• Audio; 3x I2S
• SDIO; 2x SD3.0/MMC5.0
• Serial Port; 7x UART
• SPI; 4x eCSPI
• CAN; 2x CAN bus 2.0B
• I2C; 4x channels
• ADC; 2x 4ch 12-bit inputs
See iMX7 Dual COM Board Datasheet for details about available pins/peripherals.
Mechanical 82 x 50 mm (W x H), SMARC form factor but different pinning for better carrier board routing
Power +3.3V power supply voltage
Power consumption: see datasheet for details, but typically much less than 1.2 Watt
Connectors 314 pos MXM3 edge connector, 0.5mm pitch
10 pos, 0.5mm pitch FPC for JTAG
Environment Operating Temperature: 0 - 70 degrees Celsius (standard) or -20 to +85 degrees Celsius (industrial)
Operating Humidity: 5 - 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Other i.MX 7Dual on-chip RTC
On-board watchdog functionality
Integrated power management with PMIC (PF3000) supporting DVFS techniques for low power modes
Product Classification
and Status
Integration board; Volume

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