About Us

The NXP Experts

Embedded Artists (EA) ensures simpler and shorter design & development cycles when using NXP processors, by providing reliable products, services and knowledge to our customers.

  • EA designs, produces and distributes evaluation & OEM platforms based on NXP processors to customers globally.
  • EA works in close co-operation with NXP, ensuring superior knowledge, high quality and availability of new products, as well as providing superior customer support.
  • EA helps companies with customization services to meet specific demands and to ensure cost efficient solutions.

Customer Benefits

  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Elimination of complex design issues
  • Reduced development and production costs
  • Innovative solutions


EA was founded year 2000 by a group of highly dedicated embedded engineers. Several of them are still active within the company. Focus has from the beginning been on NXP products. By our customers, EA is well known as the NXP expert.

With a rapid growth each year, EA has served many thousands of customers. Today EA has customers in more than 70 different countries and EA's products are used in more than 60 well known universities. EA has very good credit worthiness and is truly the reliable partner.


EA is located in Malmö in the Öresund region of Sweden. The Öresund region is one of Europe's most dynamic areas. Here you find the largest concentration of well educated people in Northern Europe. One of Sweden's most famous universities, Lund University, is located only 20 minutes drive from our office. Many talented embedded engineers are graduated here every year.



Turning Torso, Malmö