Getting started with E-paper Display

Identify the display

Our module has been using two different versions of the e-paper display from Pervasive Displays Inc; EM027BS013 or EM027AS012 and unfortunately these are not 100% software compatible.

  1. Look at the back of the module and first identify the revision as shown in the figure to the right. If the revision is A, B, or C you have EM027AS012.
  2. If you have revision D you also need to look at one more part of the back to see which version you are using. Most revision D modules use EM027BS013.
  3. When you have identified which display that is mounted it is important that you use the correct instruction and example code. If you don’t get an image on your display you are likely using the wrong example code.

2.7 inch E-paper AS12 vs BS13

LPC4088 Developer's Kit

Developer’s Kits

LPCXpresso and Keil/uVision projects for either Embedded Artists LPC4088 Developer’s Kit or LPC1788 Developer’s Kit

EM027BS013 EM027AS012
These projects have been created for the LPC4088 Developer’s Kit under the LPCOpen framework.
(LPCXpresso IDE, LPCOpen 2.10)
(Keil/uVision, LPCOpen 2.10)

This project has been created for the LPC1788 Developer’s Kit and the AOAA board.

Raspberry Pi

Instructions and example code for the Raspberry Pi 2

EM027BS013 EM027AS012
Instructions and code: GitHub repository

User contributed videos

Instructions: Epaper instructions RaspberryPi
Demo code: epaper_pi_130307.tar.gz

Alternative code: Python driver

LPC4088 QuickStart Board Diagonal

mbed Framework

Instructions and example code for a few mbed enabled boards

EM027BS013 EM027AS012
Example application: app_epaper_EM027BS013
mbed library: EM027BS013 library

Tested on these boards

Instructions: Epaper mbed code em027as012
Demo code:

Alternative code: Supports primitive drawing routines and text

Arduino Uno


Instructions and example code for Arduino boards

EM027BS013 EM027AS012
Instructions and code: GitHub repository

Tested on these boards

  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Leonardo
Instructions: Epaper for Arduino
Demo code:
Alternative code: Modified repaper that supports partial updates

Tested on these boards

  • Arduino Uno