What have we done to decrease our emissions?

It is not enough only to buy offsets. We must also work hard to reduce the direct and indirect greenhouse gases emissions from our company. Therefore we have implemented the following actions:

  • We use wind power as energy for the daily operations in our office. Wind power is renewable and very clean. It produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation.
  • We use district heating to warm up our offices. District heating is said to have one of the lowest carbon footprints of all fossil generation plants
  • We have changed packaging. Our packaging is partially made up of recycled fibers. No chlorine has been used during the manufacturing process. We will continue to look for even better alternatives.
  • We have developed the Oryx board to give our customers a reference design for extreme power-saving, mobile applications.
  • We try to reduce the amount of shipments from our suppliers.
  • We recycle our waste. We also offer to recycle products purchased from us.
  • EA comply with the RoHS directive to ensure that poisonous substances are not used in production of our products.
  • We encourage our employees to use public transportation to get to the office.
  • When we travel we encourage our employees to choose train.
  • We have started working with our suppliers to ask them to reduce their impact on the environment.

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