Customer Projects

Amann Girrbach / Team Electronics

Amann Girrbach is well known for their 4-axes milling machine "Ceramill Motion". The Ceramill Motion is used for framework fabrication in dental laboratories. Team Electronics took advantage of Embedded Artists' LPC2478 OEM Board when realizing the electronic device. The OEM board runs a stand alone CNC program execution application without the need of an external PC. An external PC is used for program download and setup/maintenance of the machine via an USB- or Ethernet-connection. An SD-card provides data and program storage.



Arrow Electronics

Together with Arrow Electronics, Embedded Artists developed the Oryx Board.

“Regardless of whether it is portable testing or measuring devices in the medical or industrial sector, sport and fitness computers, mobile POS input terminals, toys or remote controls, users expect a usage life to last as long as possible between the inevitable battery change or charging cycle. For all the different applications, such portable devices have similar basic functions: a display as indication module, sensors to retrieve measurements, CPU, RTC, memories and input interface often as touch input. In order to be able to design mobile devices that save as much power as possible, with the Oryx Board Arrow Electronics has developed an Ultra Low-Power Reference Design that includes all functionalities and at the same time only requires around 14mA, when in full operating mode (all components active) and as little as 6,57µA when using the available Power Down Modes of the components.”



TomTom uses EA's LPC2148 USB Quick Start Board in an automated test system to verify that their Kernel drivers and HAL are functioning correctly. The LPC2148 board, used in a custom motherboard allows TomTom to control the devices' power button, several pins on the 'dock' connector, connect several USB devices (such as a GPRS modem or RDS receiver) and Windows, Mac or Linux host PCs. The system can also determine the LCDs backlight brightness.




University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

"As a result of an extensive platform evaluation process the Embedded Artist LPC2478 Developer’s Kit and the Embedded Artist LPCXpresso Base Board have been selected to become Technikum Wien's new hardware platforms for several embedded systems courses.

Currently the LPC2478 Developer’s Kit is used as our first choice hands-on platform in three bachelor degree programs (Information and Communication Systems and Services, Computer Science, and Electronics and Business), as well as in the master degree program Embedded Systems, where students work in small groups on several selected educational projects.

In courses at undergraduate level, students get introduced how to write Linux device drivers for the peripheral devices available with the LPC2478. Furthermore, the development of standalone applications is part of the course curriculum. The well structured book “Getting started with µCLinux”, provided by Embedded Artist, assists the students to become acquainted with designing embedded software applications utilizing the functionalities offered by the provided µCLinux distribution. The individual learning process is supported by useful “tips and tricks” embodied in this manual. In addition this book is a profound reference guide to µCLinux."


TUfast Eco Team - The Shell Eco Marathon

Embedded Artists has sponsored the TUfast Eco team with AOAA boards to be used in their ultra energy-efficient vehicle. Read a description of how the AOAA board is used: eLi12 v2.0


Result 2013
The TUfast team finished at a second place with a result of 957km/kWh.