Versatile and powerful addition to your lab bench!
  • 11 channel Logic Analyzer
  • 2 channel Oscilloscope
  • Digital and analog signal generartor
Image of LabTool

LabTool is an add-on board to LPC-Link 2 creating a Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope

What is included?

Highlighted features

  • 11 channel logic analyzer (up to 100Msamples per second)
  • 2 channel oscilloscope (up to 60 Msamples per second, 6MHz BW)
  • 11 channel digital signal generator (up to 80 Msamples per second)
  • 2 channel analog signal generator (40kHz BW)

Software features

  • One shot and continuous sampling
  • Sorting and moving of signals
  • SPI, I2C, UART signal interpreters
  • Project settings can be saved and restored
  • Collected data can be exported
  • Four cursors available to help interpret captured data
  • Open source software
  • Prepared for running under Linux and MAC