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If you need to evaluate a microcontroller from NXP or want to learn more about embedded development the boards listed on this page lets you do just that.

  • Get up-and-running quickly with a microcontroller from NXP

The boards are useful for prototyping, evaluation, and educational purposes. A lot of sample applications are in general available either directly from Embedded Artists or from NXP.


If you are looking for boards to integrate into your own product we highly recommend you to have a look at our COM boards, OEM boards or Display Modules. These products have specifically been designed with integration in mind and will let you focus on your core business.


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Featured products

Some of the most popular evaluation boards are listed in this category.

LPCXpresso Boards

The LPCXpresso development platform co-developed by NXP and Embedded Artists is designed for simple, rapid prototyping and evaluation. You have a large selection of boards to choose from.

If you cannot find the board you are looking for you can either have a look at the Legacy board page or visit NXP's LPCXpresso board page which contains more boards than listed below.

QuickStart Boards

Application Kits

Education related