mbed SDK/API

The mbed SDK has recently been released as open source. We are now evaluating if this SDK/API can be used for the sample applications we develop for our development boards. 

We would really appreciate if you can give your feedback on the use of the mbed API for sample applications by answering this survey (only 7 questions). Take this opportunity to influence how we develop our sample applications.

What have we done so far?

The approach for this evaluation has been to try to use the mbed SDK with minimum modification. Therefore the LPC1769 LPCXpresso Board and LPC11U35 QuickStart Board was selected as development boards since the mbed SDK already contains BSP for the LPC1768 and LPC11U24 microcontrollers. 

The only modification done to the SDK was to change the linker script for the LPC11U24 since the LPC11U35 has larger flash and RAM (which turned out to be needed for the applications). Everything else remain unchanged.


When looking at the details of the mbed SDK and developing the three applications we have found some possible limitations.

  • Large code size. Since the mbed API is using C++ the code size will be quite large when compiling with LPCXpresso (GCC based compiler). One reason is that the C/C++ library Newlib will be linked with the application. The code size can be reduced using a different compiler and/or a more optimized C/C++ library. Currently Code Red's redlib doesn't support C++.
  • Shared code. The porting layer for different microcontrollers is well defined, but currently some of the code is shared for several of the MCUs and differences are managed by preprocessor defines in the code. Since we haven't actually tried to add support for a new microcontroller we don't know if this will be a problem. We, however, suspect that changes need to be done to the shared code making it difficult to keep the SDK updated against the changes made by the mbed team. 

Sample code

The mbed SDK, the three sample applications, and LPCXpresso project files are available in the zip file below. Please read the readme.txt file in the zip file for further instructions of how to use the code. Please note that this code is provided AS IS without any warranties and support

Link: mbed_test_130404.zip (6035 KB)


To help us decide if the mbed API is suitable to be used as a base for the sample applications we develop we would appreciate if you could give us some feedback. 

Take this opportunity to influence how we develop our sample applications.

Link: Survey (only 7 questions)